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Tyrrell’s Lost Block Semillon 2005 [Nov. 7th, 2007@03:50 pm]
We are Winoes.

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Tyrrell’s Lost Block Semillon 2005

Wow, it's been a while! Sorry~

Tyrrell's Wines is a well-known brand found in pretty much any liquor store.

This one was a Semillon from the Hunter Valley -- so I thought I couldn't possibly go too wrong with that. The bottle claims it is easy to drink - which is something I like about wines. And, well, it was. It was somewhere between light and medium bodied. It also has NO oak -- another thing I like about my wines!

Pretty much what the website says about the wine is true. Light fruity flavours, acidic, some lemon in there ...

Bought this wine when out having chinese at Peakhurst. It went wonderfully with the food. We had Billy Kee Chicken and also Veges in Oyster Sauce, by the way. I am not sure how it would fare on its own, but with chicken it worked really nicely.

Price: About $15

Would I buy this wine again? Sure, perhaps. I've had better, but it did the job and went down easily. Maybe with food only.

More Tyrrell's wines and info can be found at their website here

More info on this particular wine is here.
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Good Food and Wine Festival [Jun. 17th, 2007@09:00 pm]
We are Winoes.

Anyone go to the good food and wine festival this year? How was it?
I didn't go but I went last year and found many-a-goody.

Good Food and Wine Show 2007 [Mar. 26th, 2007@10:26 pm]
We are Winoes.

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It's almost back!

15 - 17th June for Sydney! At Sydney Exhibition Centre.

I went last year and it was definately worth it. Lots and lots of stuff to get through. Has anyone else been?? What are your thoughts? Will you be going again?

Sydney - link

Show Hours
Friday 15 June
10am - 6pm
Saturday 16 June
10am - 6pm
Sunday 17 June
10am - 5pm

Here is a listing of the wine peoples that will be there:

AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty. Ltd.
Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard
Beautiful Accommodation Travel Guidebooks
Bellarmine Wines
Cumulus Wines
Fine Wines of the Americas
Icon Brands Pty Ltd - Tempus Two
James Squire
Majella Wines
Mount Vincent Estate
Murdock Wines
Shin's Bio-Health Products
Transtherm Australia
Tyrrell's Vineyards Pty Ltd
Westend Estate
Wines of Chile
Zema Estate Pty Ltd

PLUS lots of other stuff to taste and see. Check out the site.

Hunter Semillon and Seafood [Mar. 20th, 2007@11:25 am]
We are Winoes.

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i found this in the paper yesterday!

Semillon and Seafood were meant to be. And Hunter Valley Semillon is very unique and amazing.  The Hunter Region is recognised by critics as producing the best semillon in the world.

As James Halliday puts it... (James Halliday is one of Australia's most respected wine writers and one of its most senior wine judges.)

 "Hunter Semillon is a national treasure, with no true equivalent anywhere else, either in Australia or overseas. Fresh, crisp and bracing in its youth, it is transformed and transfused with age, moving from pale straw to a glowing green-gold as it approaches maturity somewhere between its tenth and twentieth birthday. The transformation is a gradual one, allowing a continuous voyage of discovery as the wine moves through the various phases of its life."

Web : http://huntersemillonandseafood.com.au/

Recent Drinking - Peter Lehmann [Dec. 31st, 2006@05:10 pm]
We are Winoes.
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Peter Lehmann, ahh a name you can trust.

Not so long ago on a trip to Hawks Nest with some mates I opened a bottle of the Peter Lehmann Semillon Chardonnay... I decided it was the best white wine I've ever had! Alright maybe I was drunk, but still - others seem to share my views, which is fantastic! The Semillon also has been quite a hit at Thai dinners and what not... all for such a good price too.

So, a reputable name deserves a bit of a go - thats why I was so excited when I saw Peter Lehmann Botrytis Semillon 2005 in a Vintage Cellars one night wandering through Newtown.

I had no idea Peter Lehmann did dessert wines, and I certainly wasn't let down. This one was quite tasty, although had a bit of a straw aftertaste which didn't really appeal. Its nothing too fancy, just a straight up and down, non-syrupy (the only kind) Botrytis Semillon.

I also recently cracked open a Peter Lehmann Riesling from 2004. I was fairly confident this one would probably not be worth keeping in the cellar for much longer, so I thought it might go with my lunchtime Thai Red Curry - I'm glad I did!

Rieslings are still a bit of an enigma to me, I have always swayed on the Semillon side of the force... but recently I have been gathering and trying more and more Riesling - and not all of them have smelt/tasted like kerosene. This one, like Peter Lehmann's other wines I've tried, is a fairly standard wine - it has little character, but what it lacks in character it makes up for in being really quite a nice wine. Another crowd pleaser, but it sacrifices the character - and even more so, the Riesling character.

Wine doesn't need character to be nice, sure its great to have, but Peter Lehmann seems to have a knack for making just plain good wine - which is great to have such a reliable wine maker about! Also you can get these great, reliable wines almost anywhere for a fairly cheap price - another big plus!

In summary, keep up the good work Pete!

Would I buy these wines again? I'm interested in exploring lots of different wine, but if I'm in the market for something reliable I know where to go - Peter Lehmann! So... yes.

More: Peter Lehmann Wines

Recent Mixed Dozen [Dec. 28th, 2006@10:50 am]
We are Winoes.
Cursed Wine books - if you want *exactly* what they recommend you should really rush out now and get them - not wait a year and hope for the best.

Yesterday we swooped in on our local Uncle Dan's with the intent of grabbing us a Mixed Dozen from my last year's Christmas present - some Penguin book about wine. Well the best thing to come of it was seeing my favourite Peter Lehmann Semillon Chardonnay being rated the top dog... wine!

Of course its a little bit interesting reading about some food recommendations, stuff about the winery... but for actual buying-wine purposes the book was next to useless. A small few wines recommended in the book were still in stock (note that this happened last year with another book I got the previous year!). So yes, if you got a "wine recommendation" book or similar - go grab some good stuff now!

So we did eventually end up with a mixed dozen, mostly drink now wines I think... lets have a look.

1. Lillypilly Noble Riesling 2003 (NSW)
2. De Bortoli Noble One 2004 (NSW)

I've developed a bit of a thing for really nice non-syrupy sticky white desert wines. I had a really tasty one from Di Lusso in Mudgee recently, and I've been meaning to get Noble One for a while now... hope it lives up to the hype.

3/4. Seppelt Vintage Fortified GR27 1997 (NSW) x 2

Woot a wine in the book! Highly recommended by the book, and has some medals on it, figured I'd buy two :p

5. Pepperjack Grenache Rose 2005 (SA)
6. Ferngrove Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (WA)
7. Richmond Grove Riesling "Limited Release" 2004 (SA)

I think maybe one of these were in the book, the right vintage and everything, who knows. Figured I'd give them a go, even if the vintage wasn't the same.

8. Leo Buring Eden Valley Riesling (SA) - CELLAR!

This was my favourite of the Clare/Eden head-to-head a year or so ago, figured I'd give the 2006 a chance... in the cellar!

9. Brown Brothers Patricia 2002 (VIC)

Well I've heard of this one before, it was fairly expensive... figured I'd give it a go. This was the most expensive one of the bunch, coming in at over $40. Sometimes you have to treat yourself I think :)

10. McWilliams Barwang Shiraz 1998 Show Reserve (NSW)
11. McWilliams Barwang Shiraz 2001 (NSW)

Figured I'd give these a shot. The 1998 was recommended by the Dan Murphys fellows, and a different McWilliams Shiraz was recommended by the book. Fairly good price on both, might make for an interesting comparrison.

12. Sir James Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2003 Sparkling (Various - TAS, SA)

I couldn't leave without a sparkling, this is the one I chose based on a recommendation in the book.

All up an interesting collection, probably a bit more Riesling than I'm used to... we'll see how it goes! Has anyone experienced any of these wines before?

Ernest Hill Shareholders Shiraz 2005 [Dec. 28th, 2006@09:23 am]
We are Winoes.
Tasted this one a while back on a trip to the Hunter at the cute little cellar door of Ernest Hill - at over $30 the price was a little steep to what I usually like to pay, but I figured it was easily good enough to warrant it. Not to mention the friendly staff and they had a deal with a wine cooler/carry bag - I couldn't resist!

I have no regrets... well, maybe one - I didn't buy more!

Recently I haven't been drinking as much wine, so when I cracked open this one and it immediately appealed, I was an instant fan. Even without resorting to the decanter (nnooo, not the washing up!) I found the flavours to be outstanding, and well balanced with some silky smooth tannins (my favourite kind of tannin!). Certainly any doubts I had about the quality evaporated the moment my dad proclaimed "wow, this is good!".

This is a wine that deserves to be treated right, next time I will take the time to pull out the decanter - thank goodness I initially purchased two bottles, at least.

If you are up in the Hunter Valley with a smaller group of folks, I recommend dropping into the Ernest Hill cellar door and checking out what they've got going. Where they might lack in range, they make up for in quality... and having a quaint & lovely cellar door too helps :)

Would I buy this wine again? Definitely, would be great to have another one or two in the cellar.

More: Winery/Wine Link for Great Justice

Canberra Wine and Food Festival [Dec. 20th, 2006@11:03 pm]
We are Winoes.

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I just got sent this in my email today :)

Canberra Wine and Food Festival

Early Bird tickets are now available at http://www.boutiquewines.com.au

 The Association of Australian Boutique Winemakers will host the winemakers and food providores from Canberra in the outstanding venue of the Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street, Leichhardt over a three day Festival 16, 17 & 18 February 2007.



The festival will be set in two giant marquees in the center of the Piazza at The Forum.


Approximately 20 wine companies including the stand outs: Clonakilla, Lark Hill and Lambert Vineyard and Restaurant will be joined by food companies including Poachers Pantry, Taste of the Bush and a range of organic fresh produce.


Lerida Estate Winery and Café, Barton Estate, Brindabella Hills, Dionysus Winery,

Gallagher Wines, Jeir Creek Wines, Kyeema Wines, McKella Ridge Wines, Mount Majura Vineyard, Murrumbateman Winery, Shaw Vineyard Estate, Long Rail Gully, Lake View Estate, Four Winds, Wily Trout and Yarrah Wines will also attend.


There will be an Italian-style Banquet on Sunday evening 18 February commencing at 6pm.  The long tables will feature a style reminiscent of Italian family dinners with hot and cold serve yourself food and wine placed on the table, decorated with fresh flowers ice buckets and candles   The sides of the marquee will be rolled up to reveal the life-sized statue of Dante complete with water fountain.  Canberra’s wines and winemakers will be the feature of the evening.


Telephone bookings: 02 9798 2955.

And I hope you've got some good wine ready for the Holidays!

Iron Gate Estate Winery [Dec. 11th, 2006@10:13 pm]
We are Winoes.

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If you're ever in the Hunter Valley, be sure to visit Iron Gate Estate.

The winery itself is just stunning, and the view outside even better.  To quote the site:
"Iron Gate Estate is one of the Hunters newest boutique wineries. The air-conditioned cellar door, tasting sales area with its French roof tiles, Spanish floor tiles and iron-bark beams exudes the ambience of southern Spain or Tuscany."

I have visited Iron Gate myself twice - and both times were consistantly pleasant. The staff were friendly with good senses of humour. I was even given a tour of the back where the staff explained how it all works.

And as for my favourite wine there? The 2000 Semillon. It was in fact the first Semillon I ever tasted, and remains one of my favourites.
The prices of the wine are average, but you are getting amazing wine.

Don't let the horrible website throw you off - the wine here is quality! :)

 Website : http://www.iron-gate-estate.com.au/
(You can order wine via the website, and read about their variety.)

Note - Sorry for lack of updateage lately! We have been pretty busy.

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Turning 18 and Intro to Alcohol [Dec. 10th, 2006@12:37 am]
We are Winoes.

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I have actually been thinking lately, and I would love to get other people's opinion on the subject. As a young girl I was slowly introduced to alcohol by my parents. A sip here of my mum's wine to progress to about 1/2 a glass of white at about 13-14. At about 15 to 16 I was allowed to drink full glasses of sangria or maybe even baileys, however it was always under my parent's supervision. When I turned 18, which was only a year ago, I did not really care all that much about drinking to excess. My 18th and 19th are really the only times that I have drunk more than enough.

My question is whether or not people feel that it is possible that if teens are introduced to alcohol at a younger age in controlled amounts and environments, would this maybe decrease their fascination with alcohol for when they turn 18 and perhaps have other subsequent results?

I would love to hear people's views on this even though it is kinda off the topic of wine per se.
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Wine....duh [Dec. 8th, 2006@12:23 am]
We are Winoes.

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Hi there,

There has not been much activity on here of late so I thought that I might post and spice things ip a bit. The other day I joined the Wine Selectors Club and I received my first case of wine. There seems to be a great variety of red wine in the case I got, and I look forward to drinking it. You can get wholly white cases or half and half, which is good for those that drink predominantly white or a bit of both or conversely all reds. I was wondering how many people on here actually belong to the Wine Selectors Club on this community.

For those that don't belong but would like to this is the main premiss of the club. The Wine Selectors Club has a panel that travels all around australia testing wine and then puts together a selection of the best reds and whites, they then ship you a case of your choice...either all red, all white or half n half. All the bottles retail at about $18 - $25 but they are sent to you at about $13 - $14 per bottle. Only the first shipment is compulsory. For those interested I would suggest that you look them up.


I am thinking that given the community that this is being posted to that some of you ould enjoy this an immense deal, that is if you are all not members already.

Merry Christmas....Peace out.
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Brown Brothers Zibibbo [Sep. 28th, 2006@02:25 am]
We are Winoes.

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Brown Brothers Zibibbo

There was recently a wine tasting at our fave bottle shop Dan Murphys, and this was one of the wines they had avaliable to try. I hadn't had many Zibibbo's in my time (if any!!!) and so, I had to try it.

Basically, the words that came to my mind were "sweet champagne" and maybe even "spumante" (or SPEWmante as I like to call it), but without the nastiness. It wasn't quite a dessert wine but it'd work with desserts (like a pavlova). It'd work without food, too. It's light, bubbly and a "happy" wine. It's come to me just in time for Spring and Summertime.

As with all wines - it does come down to personal preference ... but my boyfriend also enjoyed this, so it's not just a girlie drink, even though it may seem that way.

The colour is a very light straw yellow. It isn't extremely bubbly like other wines I have experienced, but make no mistake, there are bubbles. The bubbles just don't rape you.
The flavours? Light and fruity. There was def. some melon happening there (yum!).

This wine really doesn't need cellaring. It's ready to have and enjoy chilled right now. It's only 6.0% alcohol, too, so it'll go down easy.

Price: We picked it up for about $13.

Would I buy this wine again?
Yes. It's a reasonable price, and it's yummy.

More Brown Brothers wines and info can be found at their website here.
Their tasting notes on this wine can be found here.

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The Tri Nations Wine Tasting Celebration [Aug. 16th, 2006@12:39 am]
We are Winoes.

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The Tri Nations Wine Tasting Celebration 

The Tri Nations Celebration
is a stand-up affair where all 315 invited entries will be on taste to wine lovers who are lucky enough to buy a ticket.  With Riedel crystal glass in hand, canapés near by and string quartet quietly performing, guests then spend several hours pouring their own wines as they choose.  A night described last year by Phil Ryan, Chief Winemaker at McWilliams Wines as “the best wine event of the year!”.  Bob Campbell MW will announce the Challenge winners at this event.

There will be 321 wines lined up for you to pour for yourself.

Standout wines, finger food and "five star" entertainment will give you an evening to remember.

When? 6:30 pm Monday August 28th.

Where? Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney.

Dress: Cocktail Dress.

How Much? Limited tickets are available at $120 per person.

For more information and bookings phone 02 9798 2955 or visit www.boutiquewines.com.au

Frog Rock Sticky Frog Vintage 2005 [Aug. 16th, 2006@12:09 am]
We are Winoes.

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Frog Rock Sticky Frog Vintage 2005

Brett and myself purchased a bottle of this on our trip to the Blue Mountains at a little wine shop in Katoomba (naturally we were delighted to see plenty of Mudgee wines in the area!).

The wine was ... interesting indeed! It is pale straw in colour and in a sexy looking bottle. The flavours took us a little by surprise. It is a late harvest semillon, and has quite a bit of a tangy aftertaste which is something I have rarely experienced in a dessert wine. It has a nice sweet taste but honestly I thought the tang seemed to rape my experience in the ass a little. It was like half dessert wine - half semillon !  I think I needed a nice soft cheese to ease the tang.

I should mention we agreed you could not taste any cheapness in this wine. It is consistant with the other Frog Rock wines and high quality.

The bottle suggests 3 - 5 years in the cellar, and I see where they're coming from ... a few more years and the honey and butter tastes would flourish, which is what I love in dessert wines. Alas, we couldn't help ourselves. Next time though, I think we'll put it away. There are other dessert wines good to go NOW, and this Frog Rock wine shows serious potential.

The bottle is sealed with a cork.

Price: $23 or so - fairly average price for a sticky.

Would I buy this wine again?
Yes, to cellar! Perhaps not to drink again too soon ... however, if offered a glass who am I to refuse?

Tasting Notes can be found on the Frog Rock Website here.

(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2006@08:48 pm]
We are Winoes.

We now interrupt our regular programming to bring you this message from our resident lush:

I'm drunkgiing barokes bubbly wine in a can...its prutty darn good fer what it is. 13% alcohol...more than beer. Like double-wise. Can get you drrunk in a hurry if yer so inclined. Hurrah!

Back to beccachuness in the studio with "Wine Reviews By My Lazy Boyfriend"! ;)
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Booker Noe’s Barrel Bourbon [Aug. 2nd, 2006@08:40 pm]
We are Winoes.

[mood |amusedamused]

I know, I know… this isn’t strictly a “wine” (quote marks) and thus shouldn’t be appearing on this “wine blog” (also quote marks) - but I’ll tell you what; it is bloody delicious.

The way this fine bourbon hits the palette… well its like nothing else. Drink it on ice, with a wee bit of coke (or pepsi as I am doing right now!), or with a whole lotta coke. Either way its delicious. Nectar from the gods is the best way I can describe it. This is definitely a drink now kind of drink, indeed I am!

Right now it is slithering over my palette like a delicious alcohol-infused snake, then proceeding down into my belly where it will stay and make me feel all warm and fuzzy for a generous period of time.

So yes, the morale of the story is that if this was a wine, it’d be a great one and would appear on this wine blog.

(Written by pendlebury69 whilst rather inebriated...on...yes, you guessed it!)


Jacob’s Creek Shiraz 2002 [Aug. 1st, 2006@04:23 pm]
We are Winoes.

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Christmas gifts! Oh the joys of reasonably priced wine that I wouldn’t normally buy! Of course it’s always great to find some gems in amongst the usual suspects, unfortunately the Jacob’s Creek Shiraz 2002 falls into the ‘usual suspects’ category for me, despite being quite reasonable for the $10 price bracket.

A medium bodied Shiraz that won’t overpower your food is how I look at this wine. This wine has got a little bit of everything; nice ‘n spicy cherry and berry fruit flavours turn out to even be a wee bit sweet and smokey, with non-offensive chalky tannins and reasonable length to the finish. I can imagine that this one is a bit of a crowd pleaser, a real bloke’s BBQ wine - and I must admit it did grow on me the more I drank and the more I let it breathe… but I never really enjoyed it.

Of course it does have that ‘mass produced’ taste that I have trouble describing to people; I think what I mean by that is that it just lacks the character of other wines, say the Knappstein 2002 Shiraz. It all seems a little shallow for me.

Would I buy this wine again? No. In the end this wine delivers, and I don’t doubt theres a bit of value in here - but not on my palette theres not! I picture that this could make for a nice wine with food, a BBQ or spicy food in particular - a steak marinade was a nice suggestion from the panel yesterday! In the end, explore elsewhere.

Review by pendlebury69

Stella Bella Shiraz 2003 [Jul. 31st, 2006@03:52 pm]
We are Winoes.

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Maybe it was simply outclassed the night we had this little drop from the Margaret River, but I was a bit disappointed with this wine after it received a promising recommendation from folks up at our local Uncle Dan’s.

I found this wine a bit lacking of character - it was good, but the wine just didn’t have much length to it or interesting complex flavours moving about your palette as, say, the Rosemont Estate 2002 ‘Show Reserve’ Shiraz. Quite a warm, earthy, sharp shiraz with a good wallop of spice - it made me think of the harsh Australian climate of inner Australia.

Would I buy this wine again? Non. For my $20 there are better value wines out there as drink-now wines. That said I’m going to keep an eye on Stella Bella wines, I’ve certainly heard some high praises… and I like the logo.

Review by pendlebury69

Brand’s of Coonawarra Shiraz 2002 [Jul. 31st, 2006@02:53 am]
We are Winoes.

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South Australian 2002 Shiraz continues to impress.

Whereas the Knappstein 2002 Shiraz was probably more of a drink-now wine, this one tugs on my shirt and asks kindly to be cellared for a few years to reach that same softened, mellowness of flavours. Hold on - did you just read what I just wrote as something like “don’t bother drinking now?” hahaha… hell no! Drink it now, its bloody delicious. Bigger and less subtle than the Knappstein, but oh - there is no doubt, I am picking up some more of these and I’d suggest that you at give it a whirl if you enjoy a cool climate Australian Shiraz with plenty of delicious raspberry and black cherry fruit flavours.

Fantastic length, great balance of flavours and spice, silky tannins, medium to full bodied - what more can I ask for? Not much thats for sure. Check out some of the Brand’s of Coonawarra tasting notes and such. Anyway, you know I’m impressed - theres value to be had with this one in my book.

Would I buy this wine again? I’m going to pay a visit to Uncle Dan this weekend to grab three of these. One to spoil myself with, two to put away.

Review written by pendlebury69

(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2006@01:31 am]
We are Winoes.

It's approximately 1:30am. I am drinking Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet. It was given to me at work because you can't leave open wine around indefinitely, and I'm the resident lush. I am drinking it in the hope that it will overcome my latent insomnia. I doubt it will work but...CHEERS!
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