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Wine is bloody bottled poetry, mate.

We are Winoes.
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G'Day and Welcome!

I created this community after having great difficulty finding an Australian-based Livejournal! Thus, Winoes is born. :)

Who should join?

Anyone can join! :) Whether you're Australian or not, you are welcome.


- No copying + pasting of other peoples reviews unless you give credit to the source.
- No EXCESSIVE swearing, just because it's irritating and unnessesary.
- Large images and/or extra large posts should be put behind an lj-cut. This is simply polite! :) Be considerate of other winoes.
- Trolls are not welcome. We would like to be friendly and drama-free.
- We don't encourage dangerous drinking.
- Be mindful that everyone is individual, we will not all enjoy the same wines.

Wino is a slang term used to describe people who consume large amounts of cheap wine and sometimes applied to consumers of other forms of alcohol beverages. Wine is the drink of choice for poor alcoholics due to its high alcohol content, availability and cheap price. Most commonly, the term is applied to bums and homeless people who spend money on liquor.

A common, stereotypical image of a wino is that of a disheveled skid row bum drinking cheap wine from a bottle concealed within a paper bag.

A person of other social classes may use the word to humorously describe themselves especially if they consume large amounts of wine. Some people who are well-off may extend the idea by using the homonym wineaux, to refer to wine connoisseurs, though most-commonly in print.

SOURCE : WikiPedia