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Good Food and Wine Show 2007 [Mar. 26th, 2007@10:26 pm]
We are Winoes.


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It's almost back!

15 - 17th June for Sydney! At Sydney Exhibition Centre.

I went last year and it was definately worth it. Lots and lots of stuff to get through. Has anyone else been?? What are your thoughts? Will you be going again?

Sydney - link

Show Hours
Friday 15 June
10am - 6pm
Saturday 16 June
10am - 6pm
Sunday 17 June
10am - 5pm

Here is a listing of the wine peoples that will be there:

AlcoLimit Breathalysers Pty. Ltd.
Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard
Beautiful Accommodation Travel Guidebooks
Bellarmine Wines
Cumulus Wines
Fine Wines of the Americas
Icon Brands Pty Ltd - Tempus Two
James Squire
Majella Wines
Mount Vincent Estate
Murdock Wines
Shin's Bio-Health Products
Transtherm Australia
Tyrrell's Vineyards Pty Ltd
Westend Estate
Wines of Chile
Zema Estate Pty Ltd

PLUS lots of other stuff to taste and see. Check out the site.