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Hunter Semillon and Seafood [Mar. 20th, 2007@11:25 am]
We are Winoes.


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i found this in the paper yesterday!

Semillon and Seafood were meant to be. And Hunter Valley Semillon is very unique and amazing.  The Hunter Region is recognised by critics as producing the best semillon in the world.

As James Halliday puts it... (James Halliday is one of Australia's most respected wine writers and one of its most senior wine judges.)

 "Hunter Semillon is a national treasure, with no true equivalent anywhere else, either in Australia or overseas. Fresh, crisp and bracing in its youth, it is transformed and transfused with age, moving from pale straw to a glowing green-gold as it approaches maturity somewhere between its tenth and twentieth birthday. The transformation is a gradual one, allowing a continuous voyage of discovery as the wine moves through the various phases of its life."

Web : http://huntersemillonandseafood.com.au/