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Recent Drinking - Peter Lehmann [Dec. 31st, 2006@05:10 pm]
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Peter Lehmann, ahh a name you can trust.

Not so long ago on a trip to Hawks Nest with some mates I opened a bottle of the Peter Lehmann Semillon Chardonnay... I decided it was the best white wine I've ever had! Alright maybe I was drunk, but still - others seem to share my views, which is fantastic! The Semillon also has been quite a hit at Thai dinners and what not... all for such a good price too.

So, a reputable name deserves a bit of a go - thats why I was so excited when I saw Peter Lehmann Botrytis Semillon 2005 in a Vintage Cellars one night wandering through Newtown.

I had no idea Peter Lehmann did dessert wines, and I certainly wasn't let down. This one was quite tasty, although had a bit of a straw aftertaste which didn't really appeal. Its nothing too fancy, just a straight up and down, non-syrupy (the only kind) Botrytis Semillon.

I also recently cracked open a Peter Lehmann Riesling from 2004. I was fairly confident this one would probably not be worth keeping in the cellar for much longer, so I thought it might go with my lunchtime Thai Red Curry - I'm glad I did!

Rieslings are still a bit of an enigma to me, I have always swayed on the Semillon side of the force... but recently I have been gathering and trying more and more Riesling - and not all of them have smelt/tasted like kerosene. This one, like Peter Lehmann's other wines I've tried, is a fairly standard wine - it has little character, but what it lacks in character it makes up for in being really quite a nice wine. Another crowd pleaser, but it sacrifices the character - and even more so, the Riesling character.

Wine doesn't need character to be nice, sure its great to have, but Peter Lehmann seems to have a knack for making just plain good wine - which is great to have such a reliable wine maker about! Also you can get these great, reliable wines almost anywhere for a fairly cheap price - another big plus!

In summary, keep up the good work Pete!

Would I buy these wines again? I'm interested in exploring lots of different wine, but if I'm in the market for something reliable I know where to go - Peter Lehmann! So... yes.

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