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Recent Mixed Dozen [Dec. 28th, 2006@10:50 am]
We are Winoes.
Cursed Wine books - if you want *exactly* what they recommend you should really rush out now and get them - not wait a year and hope for the best.

Yesterday we swooped in on our local Uncle Dan's with the intent of grabbing us a Mixed Dozen from my last year's Christmas present - some Penguin book about wine. Well the best thing to come of it was seeing my favourite Peter Lehmann Semillon Chardonnay being rated the top dog... wine!

Of course its a little bit interesting reading about some food recommendations, stuff about the winery... but for actual buying-wine purposes the book was next to useless. A small few wines recommended in the book were still in stock (note that this happened last year with another book I got the previous year!). So yes, if you got a "wine recommendation" book or similar - go grab some good stuff now!

So we did eventually end up with a mixed dozen, mostly drink now wines I think... lets have a look.

1. Lillypilly Noble Riesling 2003 (NSW)
2. De Bortoli Noble One 2004 (NSW)

I've developed a bit of a thing for really nice non-syrupy sticky white desert wines. I had a really tasty one from Di Lusso in Mudgee recently, and I've been meaning to get Noble One for a while now... hope it lives up to the hype.

3/4. Seppelt Vintage Fortified GR27 1997 (NSW) x 2

Woot a wine in the book! Highly recommended by the book, and has some medals on it, figured I'd buy two :p

5. Pepperjack Grenache Rose 2005 (SA)
6. Ferngrove Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (WA)
7. Richmond Grove Riesling "Limited Release" 2004 (SA)

I think maybe one of these were in the book, the right vintage and everything, who knows. Figured I'd give them a go, even if the vintage wasn't the same.

8. Leo Buring Eden Valley Riesling (SA) - CELLAR!

This was my favourite of the Clare/Eden head-to-head a year or so ago, figured I'd give the 2006 a chance... in the cellar!

9. Brown Brothers Patricia 2002 (VIC)

Well I've heard of this one before, it was fairly expensive... figured I'd give it a go. This was the most expensive one of the bunch, coming in at over $40. Sometimes you have to treat yourself I think :)

10. McWilliams Barwang Shiraz 1998 Show Reserve (NSW)
11. McWilliams Barwang Shiraz 2001 (NSW)

Figured I'd give these a shot. The 1998 was recommended by the Dan Murphys fellows, and a different McWilliams Shiraz was recommended by the book. Fairly good price on both, might make for an interesting comparrison.

12. Sir James Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2003 Sparkling (Various - TAS, SA)

I couldn't leave without a sparkling, this is the one I chose based on a recommendation in the book.

All up an interesting collection, probably a bit more Riesling than I'm used to... we'll see how it goes! Has anyone experienced any of these wines before?