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Ernest Hill Shareholders Shiraz 2005 [Dec. 28th, 2006@09:23 am]
We are Winoes.
Tasted this one a while back on a trip to the Hunter at the cute little cellar door of Ernest Hill - at over $30 the price was a little steep to what I usually like to pay, but I figured it was easily good enough to warrant it. Not to mention the friendly staff and they had a deal with a wine cooler/carry bag - I couldn't resist!

I have no regrets... well, maybe one - I didn't buy more!

Recently I haven't been drinking as much wine, so when I cracked open this one and it immediately appealed, I was an instant fan. Even without resorting to the decanter (nnooo, not the washing up!) I found the flavours to be outstanding, and well balanced with some silky smooth tannins (my favourite kind of tannin!). Certainly any doubts I had about the quality evaporated the moment my dad proclaimed "wow, this is good!".

This is a wine that deserves to be treated right, next time I will take the time to pull out the decanter - thank goodness I initially purchased two bottles, at least.

If you are up in the Hunter Valley with a smaller group of folks, I recommend dropping into the Ernest Hill cellar door and checking out what they've got going. Where they might lack in range, they make up for in quality... and having a quaint & lovely cellar door too helps :)

Would I buy this wine again? Definitely, would be great to have another one or two in the cellar.

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