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Iron Gate Estate Winery [Dec. 11th, 2006@10:13 pm]
We are Winoes.


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If you're ever in the Hunter Valley, be sure to visit Iron Gate Estate.

The winery itself is just stunning, and the view outside even better.  To quote the site:
"Iron Gate Estate is one of the Hunters newest boutique wineries. The air-conditioned cellar door, tasting sales area with its French roof tiles, Spanish floor tiles and iron-bark beams exudes the ambience of southern Spain or Tuscany."

I have visited Iron Gate myself twice - and both times were consistantly pleasant. The staff were friendly with good senses of humour. I was even given a tour of the back where the staff explained how it all works.

And as for my favourite wine there? The 2000 Semillon. It was in fact the first Semillon I ever tasted, and remains one of my favourites.
The prices of the wine are average, but you are getting amazing wine.

Don't let the horrible website throw you off - the wine here is quality! :)

 Website : http://www.iron-gate-estate.com.au/
(You can order wine via the website, and read about their variety.)

Note - Sorry for lack of updateage lately! We have been pretty busy.


[User Picture]From: sgtd
2006-12-12 04:18 am (UTC)
Nice call!
Hunter semillion is world class, which has the unique ability to age and devolope aged oak charecteristics, while never touching oak. Quite the specialty.
Compare a new semillion (say 2006-4) with one that has 6-10 years age on it, and you sware its a difrent drop!
The wine goes a deep golden colour and the tatse is amazing, honeyed, buttery oak flavours.
One my all time favs too!
No region in the world does it quite as good as hunter apparently, weird.
The 2000 would be hitting its stride bout now, but could go another 5 years!
Last time we hit the hunter we stoped at MtPleasant, Tyrells, Keith Tulloch and the Blue Tounge brewery.
Must check this one next time!
Cheers for update!
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